Roman Concrete

September 10, 2015 Cayman Concrete 0 Comments

Concrete has been used in the construction of buildings for over 2,000 years. Early uses can still be seen today with the Roman aqueducts and road systems. The Romans had used a primitive form of concrete that consisted of small gravel and coarse sands, limestone, and water. To minimize any shrinkage, they would use horse hair in the same way we use polypropylene fibers in modern concrete. They had even unintentionally incorporated tiny air bubbles into their mix with the addition of animals’ blood. Adding blood to the Roman concrete mixture would create small air bubble which would make the concrete more durable.

The Romans extensively used concrete in their vast empire. They laid around 5,300 miles of concrete road. While many of these roads have disintegrated today, you can still see their remnants 2,000 years later.  Today, concrete has become a highly perfected building material with many benefits. You can find road systems, homes, and even stadiums that are all built with concrete. It is even used in more inventive ways as a medium for a work of art.

Many of the homes built in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean area are built using concrete. Because they are resistant to high winds and water damage, they are perfect for the area. Here at Cayman Concrete pumping, we are experts in providing you with just that. We are dedicated to using the highest quality raw materials in order to craft a home you can be proud of for years to come. In our constant pursuit of improvement we started developing solid concrete structures for all of our customers.

Solid concrete structures not only provide unmatched aesthetic possibilities, but there are also numerous maintenance and environmental reasons for choosing solid concrete as the material of choice in your new home. If what the Romans built is still around today, think of how long your concrete structure will last!

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