Advantages In Construction With Concrete Pumping

What is Concrete Pumping?

Pumping concrete is the process of pushing liquid concrete to where the mixture will set for higher efficiency and structural integrity. Using machines to pump concrete is much quicker than traditional methods. The increased speed and accuracy of mechanical pouring is a distinct advantage over traditional concrete pouring methods. Another significant advantage of this method is the decrease in operation stoppages and attendant delays. The sheer volume of concrete that mechanical pumping allows us to pour guarantees that your project is completed within budget and on time, with the highest structural strength possible. From custom concrete homes and pools, to commercial shell construction projects, Cayman Concrete Pumping will get the job done right the first time.

Concrete pumping on site in the Cayman Islands.

Another advantage of using our mechanical pumping method is the savings in labor costs. Labor is a large cost in any construction project and the savings are a benefit to both the project and the customer. Using a universal machine to do what used to take multiple machines and workers increases our efficiency, allowing workers to complete other tasks towards your construction project while reducing potential overcrowding on a job site.

Mechanical pumping is more environmentally-friendly than traditional methods, allowing us to help sustain the pristine beauty of the Cayman Islands. Our process uses less water which is good for the environment and also improves the strength of the concrete, creating fewer cracks and allowing for less shrinkage as the concrete cures. Subsequently your concrete will require less maintenance over time due to it’s added strength.

There are two types pumps we use in the mechanical concrete pumping process. The first type is called a “boom” pump which uses a robotic arm and operated through a remote control. This method can pump high volumes of concrete with extreme accuracy. Because of the amount of concrete “boom” pumps can move, they are generally used in larger and more complicated construction jobs. The robotic arm can reach over the top of buildings and other obstacles in order to pour in the most difficult areas.

Cayman Concrete Pumping can help you meet the needs of your construction projects.

The second type of concrete pump is a “line” pump. This method uses a flexible steel hose to transport the liquid concrete. Even though this method has many of the advantages, line pumps are usually used for smaller projects. A line pump is great for projects that are closer to the ground like sidewalks and swimming pools.

No matter the type of pump used for your project, the mechanical pumping methods at our disposal are much faster, more precise, and more efficient than the traditional mix-and-pour methods used by our competitors. Projects that might have been impossible and or cost prohibitive with traditional methods can now be completed within a smaller budget and tighter time frame.



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