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Concrete Shell Home Design & Construction in the Cayman Islands

Here at Cayman Concrete Pumping we are devoted to using high quality materials in order to create a home you can be in love with for years. It was out endless search for improvement that led us to start building solid concrete structures for our clients.

concrete homes utilizing concrete shell construction

Benefits of Solid Concrete Houses

Solid concrete houses deliver numerous creative possibilities, provide less maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. For these reasons, Concrete is a great material for your new home.

  • Energy Efficient: Far easier to both insulate and seal an airtight concrete structure.
  • Fire-resistant
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Lack of Insects & Rot
  • Faster Construction Times
  • Durability: Solid concrete structures are known to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds.
  • Quiet: Concrete walls act as excellent sound barriers.
  • Reduced Labor: Fewer subcontractors means increased productivity with a smaller force.
  • Longevity: Your concrete home could last well over 200 years.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Drastic reduction in material waste over wood and steel frame homes.
  • Lower Insurance Rates: With the significant reduction in potential property damage and loss, insurance premiums are typically much lower than a comparable wood or steel structure.


Modern Concrete Homes

Modern Concrete Houses

Using concrete as a building material, artistic home ideas are now able to become a reality. Previously impossible  with wood an steel frame construction, your modern concrete home can attain a beauty that pushes the envelope in home design. Click here for additional details about shell concrete home construction.

In addition to the added structural integrity of solid concrete houses, Cayman Concrete Pumping and Cayman Structural Group offer additional protection for your family and valuables with our custom safe rooms that can easily be integrated into any residential or commercial construction.




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